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Are you limited by space? Using a  loft bed with desk is a great way to maximize the floor space in your bedroom or college dorm. Loft beds are not a new idea but they are seeing increased usage. Manufacturers are using more modern design and materials in their beds making them more functional and appealing.

Loft bed with desk styles are much more modern than in the past. They can be used well for kids and adults alike. For the smaller children they come in fairy tale themes such as Princess castles and Doll house for girls. Firehouses with slides for the boys are popular styles among the young. Most mattress sizes start at twin and go up from there. Configurations range greatly so it is best to have a look at all of the possibilites of loft bed furniture options. Some are single beds with the desk under the bed, others are two person beds with desks set in various manners to suit different floor layouts. One of the most popular are the twin loft bed desk styles.

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The desk portion can be a simple table like desk or a more elaborate computer desk area suited for older children. Next the color choice is limited only by imagination. Some of the heavier wood built loft bed with desk units come in natural wood tones so each is unique. Others are painted wood or wood products so they are available in many different colors. If you want to match it to your room exactly you could have it repainted to co-ordinate well with the other room decor.

Another popular choice is metal tube frame which can give a more contemporary style to the room. You can find simple square designs in metal or more architecually appealing ideas. These are available in twin or even double mattress sizes.

student loft bed

Still other styles of both wood and metal are built specifically for college students. They usually have more built in storage for clothes as well as the desk required. With dorm rooms as small as they are, the college loft bed is a true champion. If space is truly limited and you need space for two or three people  trundle beds can be a real asset.  This type of bed has a pull out bed at floor level so you are able multiply the use  of space easily. During the day the  trundle bed is slid together taking up very little space. When you don't need it for sleeping it slides back under the main unit thus giving you more space and access to the incorporated desk.

So whether you need a full loft bed for a young girl or boy or your college age student, you have a large selection to choose from. You no longer have only the basic stacked twin size loft bed of years past. But a vast array of beautifully designed and constructed furniture to accent any theme or style of decor. Being both functional and beautiful at the same time these loft beds are seeing a resurgence in their use, and rightly so.

If you want the pleasure of building your own loft bed, then get a set of loft bed plans. With the plans in hand you will be able to easily create the loft bed to your own specifications and finish the wood exactly as you wish. Have your kids join you and you can have a great time building not only a bed but a relationship at the same time.

Forget the dull loft and bunk beds of your youth, to-days new styles are a real asset. There is an ever increasing assortment of styles for you to pick from. They help reduce clutter and messiness in almost any room. A great choice for large families or those with limited space. Don't forget the college student who needs a functional bed and desk. View the large selection available today. Put the finishing touches in place and you will be amazed at the results.

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